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What is CFWO?

If you have ever had the dream to start or grow your own business in western Ontario, Community Futures Western Ontario, or CFWO, is here to help you get ahead on making your dreams of owning and operating your own business a reality.

Community Futures Western Ontario (CFWO) is a non-profit, community driven organization supporting business development offering business loans. There are 21 Community Futures offices throughout rural western Ontario.

We are very different than other lenders and business development agencies. We understand small business in rural Ontario like nobody else. We live and work in the communities that you do, and we know that rural communities thrive when small businesses do. Our business succeeds when you do.

While each CFDC has its own mandates tailored to the community it serves, all CFDCs share common goals to help small and medium sized businesses thrive and to implement initiatives that will promote community development. The CFDC program is not new. These organizations have been in operation throughout Southwestern Ontario for over 30 years.

Each Community Futures office provides flexible and affordable small business loans, business coaching/training services and business management tools for entrepreneurs wanting to start, expand, franchise, or sell a rural business. We offer additional supports to priority sectors identified by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).

Loans and Services

Our community loan fund invests in local, small businesses.

Our 21 Community Futures offices offer loan solutions and business development services that are designed for rural western Ontario. Find your nearest Community Futures office to connect with a business consultant, get a loan application started, and access free business counselling, business coaching and training.

Community Futures offices apply flexible loan criteria and options to help you start a new business, buy a business, open a franchise, expand into new markets, invest in technology, give your business a facelift and help young entrepreneurs get their first loan.

Success Stories

You have a vision for your business and your life. See how CFWO members have helped other people just like you achieve their goals of owning a business and supporting their families with that business.

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